Tap into your sweet side this spring.

This season, it’s all about pastels. Play up your sweet side by wearing mint green, lavender, blush pink or light orange. I’ve posted this jacket before, but I wanted to get everyone excited about a spring trend you can wear now: boxy, structured jackets – super flattering and goes with anything.


Shirt: Free People, similar by Vince Camuto Blush Pink Blouse; Skirt: LOFT, similar by Topshop Satin Skort; Jacket: LOFT, similar by J.Crew School Boy Blazer; Necklace: Unknown, second-hand find.



Throwback Thursday: A must have for every shoe lover’s closet


The Chuck Taylor…A shoe I’ve been wearing since I could walk. It’s seriously a miracle sneak, right!? It goes with any style and works with nearly anything you want to wear. Here’s a few tips on how to rock different looks with your Chucks.

Prepster: Toss on a button up and some girly bracelets
Rocker Chick: Throw on an edgy tee with a fun saying and a leather jacket
Nerd Chic: Grab your thick framed glasses, baggy white tee and a cardigan
Girly: Pick your go-to floral dress, or floral tee with jeans, and lots of fun jewelry

My Chuck Taylors are super high, but any style Chuck is a must have for every closet. Sneakers: Converse Chuck Taylor



Rawr. Let’s get WILD!


Whether it’s a hat, shirt, pants or shoes, anything and everything animal print is in….and totally fun! For the most current look, go wild and rock animal (or animal printed) accessories like rings, necklaces and hats. Mix these with basics for a fun, but classic look.

Hat: J.Crew, Baseball Hat; Necklace: Forever 21, similar Owl Necklace; Ring: Nordstrom, similar by Forever 21 Ring.


No one looks cute in this weather. Or do they? Tips on how to!

I know…this weather is out of control. Feel like it’s ruining your outfit fun? Well, don’t fret! Here’s a quick tip to help.
Baseball Tee
When it’s snowing and cold, it’s sooo tempting to throw on your college sweatshirt and roll out of bed, but pleaseeee don’t! Instead, grab a baggy t-shirt with some visual interest (graphics, words or a fun design), like this baseball tee, and toss it on with leggings. Done and done. Simple, comfortable and still presentable.

T-Shirt: J.Crew, Baseball Tee.


I’m sorry…I love you, but not more than my closet.

Let’s face it…we’re lucky enough just to get a surprise from our favorite guy, but we never really know if we’ll end up at the Top of The Hub or the bottom of the barrel. So it’s important to dress for any possibility. Whether your man has a surprise for you on v-day or you’re hitting the town for a girl’s night out, dress to impress – and why the heck not when you have the perfect excuse to! My advice? Find an outfit that makes you feel beautiful. After all, this is a day about love, so don’t forget to love yourself…and your clothes. (Check out my tips below the pic!)

v-day front and back


  1. Start with a go-to. I picked my fav LBD with a surprise, colorblock, white back. It makes me feel pretty and skinny. Plus it’s stretchy, so I can eat all the delicious food I want :).
  2. To give my short self some height, the dress is above the knee and paired with high, close-toed heels.
  3. With all that leg, it’s important to pick a dress with a high neck or the look could go raunchy really fast.
  4. I added a big statement necklace to make the neckline a little more interesting and to make me feel super girly (so important on v-day).
  5. Match your tights to an accessory to add some fun to the outfit. I chose gold tights to pick up the gold tones in my necklace. It completes the look.
  6. Lastly, toss on a cute blazer – it’s winter silly! You can always remove your jacket when you get inside.



Outfitting 101: An effortless tip anyone can apply.

Have trouble putting an outfit together? Here’s a simple tip to help.

Match it

For an effortless way to give any outfit a complete look, take any color from the bottom half of your outfit and mix it onto the top. Yup, it’s that easy! In this pic, I have on brown, thigh high boots (LOVE). I pulled the same brown into my sweater (the piping) for a put together, yet subtle look. Wearing black boots? Toss on a black necklace and grab a black clutch. Have on cute grey jeans? Try a silver bracelet and earrings. By taking one of the colors from the bottom of the outfit and mimicking it on the top, the outfit looks complete! And so simple to do.


We've all had those days where we've felt like the world was crumbling around us, but we always manage to muster up some courage, indulge in a little retail therapy (or more likely a lot) and try on every pair of shoes in our closet and to that, thank you fashion.